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Twilight Heroes is a free, browser-based superhero role-playing game.

By day, you may be an underpaid and unappreciated worker. But when the sun falls, somebody needs to defend the citizens of Twilight against the criminals and madmen and giant pinatas and living pop-culture references and...

Hey, I'm just saying that the average citizen has no hope against the threats facing Twilight... even if one of those threats is a giant snake that insists on being called Anna Conda.

But it turns out you might just have a shot. Join the Fight.
A long night's journey into day.


October 20: Bolstering equipment provides more feedback and more is available for league quartermasters.

October 18: This month's Call for Heroes reward goes to Thaz! Congrats!

October 16: By popular (and obvious-in-retrospect) request, the crafting contest has been extended to the 31st.

October 5: Come create candy confections and costume couture in the new crafting contest.

October 1: Trap yourself (and your foes and the Wok of Stars) in an age-old conflict.

September 25: Some new player-suggested crafting has been welded into the game. Thanks, everyone!

September 18: Congrats Skitter, for winning this month's Call for Heroes!

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