Twilight Heroes

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Twilight Heroes Shirts

We have shirts! They are available here:

First, note that you can pick any color or style of fabric to go with any of the designs. I just picked samples that seemed nice, or which showed off the text well. Dark colors will NOT work particularly well.

Second, I will probably do a few more designs, but I'm not sure when. Possibly a couple of weeks, possibly longer. I'd like to test a few with graphics, but need to actually create and order one to make sure it's okay. If you have any specific requests for designs, let me know, but realize I may not be able to act quickly or meet all requests.

Third, I have ordered a few different samples of these to test before putting them up for sale. The shirts are about as comfortable as advertised, and I'm a huge snob when it comes to soft fabric. I tried the "fitted" tee, the "organic" tee, and the "athletic" tee, and all were fine. Fitted is pretty normal fabric. Athletic is very soft but kind of thin--I liked it, but figured it may be worth mentioning. Organic was just a tiny bit stiffer or less soft. (All the shirts I got were American Apparel, if that means anything to you.)

Fourth, PLEASE use the sizing chart, as all of them were a touch tighter than I'm used to. I normally wear an XL that's fairly loose, and while these still fit me, they're definitely fitted and not loose.

Fifth, in case it matters, I don't know anything about the printing process but the lettering itself is very soft. It doesn't have any texture that I can detect, or it's very minimal. I like that. It also means this style of printing can only put a darker image on a lighter fabric. It's apparently not possible to have a light color overtop a darker fabric, so recognize that's out.

Pricing: I'm not really selling these to make much. Mostly I'd love to get some out there just for your fun, and for advertising. Most of the cost is printing and shipping by the manufacturer. For that reason I picked the "fitted" tee as the default on all the designs, since it's least expensive. Other styles are going to cost more, and again that's just manufacturer markup. That does mean you can have a hoodie or baseball tee or other style if you like.


To help subsidize these early purchases, I will be offering a bounty, once I figure out how it works. Anyone who buys a shirt and can provide me evidence (the shirts are shipped third party, so I may not get anything from them; at the very least the purchase date and time is required, not sure if more data will be needed) they have a shirt will get 5 silver stars.

Durning Comic-Con or KoL Con we'll offer additional bounties. If you can send photographic evidence of yourself at either convention wearing a TH shirt, I'll give you 5 additional silver stars for a total reward of 10 silver stars.

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